Laser Hair Removal

Hello Laser, Good Bye Razor!

Experience our latest state-of-the-art laser machine with a cooling system that blows a continuous stream of cold air (4 degree Celsius) on the skin before, during, and after, the laser pulse. We are capable of treating all skin and hair types because we have created a system that makes laser hair removal a secure and effective option for people with darker skin tones or lighter hair colors, which pose a challenge in the laser hair removal industry.

How is laser different from electroepilation?

Electroepilation treatment removes one hair at a time. Laser is much quicker. An area like the underarms, for example, can be treated in just 10 minutes.

How long will a session last ?

Because the laser treats many hairs at a time, facial areas (lip, chin, etc.) can be treated in 5-10 minutes. Small body areas (underarms, bikini, etc.) take less than 15 minutes. Larger body areas (full back, legs, arms. etc.) usually take about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the area.

How many sessions do I need to achieve smooth skin?

Most people will need 3 to 5 treatments. In some areas, such as the bikini line, faster results will be achieved. On the other hand, results may vary from person to person, which means that you can get faster results then someone else.

I have ingrown hairs on my face, legs, bikini area and back. Would laser help?

Absolutely; even after one treatment you will notice that most of your ingrown hairs will be terminated. Within a few weeks, the area will be smooth and the color of your skin will return to your original skin color.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

New technology is capable of giving permanent removal for ALL skin types, both male and female, for ALL parts of the body, except around the eyes. The number of sessions needed to achieve these results can vary from person to person depending on many factors such as age, skin type and amount of hair, hair color, hair texture, and hormonal balance.

What are the risks or possible side effects involved?

With our state-of-the-art machine and expertise, you will not experience any damage to your skin. All the possibilities are short term reactions such as a redness which may take from a few minutes to several hours to fade away. Most people can get treated during their lunch time and there will be no visible indications when they return to their office.

Which areas can be treated?

Facial areas (lips, chin, cheeks…), neck, armpits, bikini line, around the nipples…. Large body areas such as full back, full chest, shoulders, full legs, arms…

Why do I need several sessions?

Because the laser affects hair follicles only when they are in the growth phase, more than one treatment may be necessary to disable hair follicles that subsequently enter the growth phase. During your consultation, you will be advised as to the approximate number of treatments.

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