Anti- Fatigue

Helps with irritability , water retention and thyroid dysfunction . infused with nutrients to help a variety of conditions including menopause symptoms , with the added benefits of balancing hormones and regulating sleeping patterns.

Fountain Of Youth

look good feel younger! High in glutathione , a powerful antioxidant , which is fantastic for anti aging . it contains a range of nutrients to help rejuvenate and hydrate the skin as well as assisting collagen restoration.

Master Cleanse

antioxidants aids to fight oxidative stress. This detoxifying vitamin drip will help cleanse the body of toxins and prevent the signs of aging .

Stay Fit

ideal for those who are allergetic and enjoy working out at optimum levels! Infused with proteins and amino acids such as L’carnitine to aid weight loss and B vitamins to help boost energy levels.

Hair Growth

If you are experiencing dull , lifeless hair , then this is for you ! infused with essential vitamins and minerals such as biotin to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss or hair thinning.

H2o – Solution

hydration is important for cardiovascular health , muscle recovery and skin rejuvenation . if you are dehydrated , this vitamin drip will help replenish the balance of water and nutrients in your body.

The Sheild

feeling sick or suffering from a weak immune system ? this vitamin drip will give your b ody the immunity boost it needs. Packed with vitamin , b vitamins , zinc and powerful antioxidants to strengthen immunity.


for travellers and those with a busy life style , this vitamin drip ill not only rehydrate the ody after long haul flights but is high in energy boosting b vitamins that fights jet lag symptoms.

Myers Mix

based on the original IV vitamin infusion , the Myers Cocktail, invented by US physical John Myers, this vitamin drip is a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to promote overall wellbeing.


regular maintenance is important for overall wellbeing, vitamin c and glutathione helps flush out day-to-day toxins and keeps you feeling rejuvenated . recommended once or twice a month.


having the right balance of vitamins is essential. Containing key ingredients such as: folic acid , zinc , B5, and biotin to help promote healthy skin , hair and nails ,recommended post-maternity once breast feeding is complete.

Post Surgery

surgery is a stressful and draining process for the body . this vitamin drip is packed with vial nutrients to aid a speedy recovery by keeping your energy levels and immune system boosted.

The Glow

Aimed at skin detoxification that contains a high dose of vitamin C and the powerful antioxidant glutathione, which also helps skin , recover from sun damage and combat signs of aging .


To aid relief of frustrating hay fever symptoms such as itchy eyes and runny nose, this vitamin drip contains antihistamines and essential vitamins to help bring seasonal allergies under control .


The best-seller , a VIP custom blend of essential vitamins and minerals , tailored to your specific needs. A mix of our antioxidant and anti-aging vitamin drip that will rejuvenate inside out .

Service Price
Momboost AED 1,400
Master Cleanse AED 1,200
Stay Fit AED 800
The Glow AED 500
Jetsetter AED 700
The Shield AED 1,200
H2O-Solution AED 700
Fountain Of Youth AED 1,300
Dioxidant AED 250
Bioatin AED 250
Vitamin D AED 250
B12 Booster AED 250
B-Complex Boost AED 400
Home Care AED 600
Customized AED 1,200
Anti-Fatigue AED 1400
Hair For Days AED 1300
Myers Mix AED 1000
Surgery Recovery AED 1000

glutathione injections. Glutathione is vital to keep the body healthy and is considered the ultimate antioxidant and wellness enhancer.


if you need of an energy kick , this B12 vitamin injection provides the body with the energy boost that it needs to function effectively.

Biotin Im

contains biotin and B5 for weak nails and dull hair . for best results , we recommend a minimum of six-week course with one-two injections per week, combined with a course of oral supplements.

B-Complex Boost

the best of both worlds . a combination of our energy booster and hair growth vitamin injections to boost in energy levels , promote healthy skin , and reduce hair loss.

Vitamin D

if you suffer from mood swings , fatigue , muscle and joint pain , we recommend testing your vitamin D levels for deficiency . vitamin D aids calcium and phosphorus absorption and facilitate normal immune system function.



Buy any of the above Vitamin Drips, 6 sessions
(FOC last session)

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