Cosmetic and General Dentistry


Everyone wants a perfect smile, one that is radiant, dazzling, contagious and filled with confidence. Don’t worry, we have got the right solutions for all your dental problems.

Our board certified cosmetic and general dentist with more than hundreds of smiling patients, offer wide range of treatments that will cater to all your needs and give you the PERFECT SMILE


Do you have complains about your teeth or are unhappy about your smile? Then veneers can be the solution that can bring relief to you. One of the most popular conservative cosmetic dentistry options, veneers can improve the colour, shape and symmetry and overall appearance of the smile. Our veneer are of gold standard and are also used to fix enamel that is worn down over time or to mend the cracked or broken smile.


Lumineers are nothing but the advanced forms of veneers that take less time for preparation.

This is the most fast-moving treatment and we use non-invasive tools to eliminate the gap between the teeth and beautify your smile in the shortest period. The cosmetic dentists here are at the top of their game and enable you to achieve the exact Hollywood smile that you always craved for.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure now. You can brighten the teeth by removing stains on their surface that are caused by berries, coffee, tea, food etc.

Teeth whitening is also one of the most well-knowns service here. This is an innovative procedure conducted by the most skilled and experienced dental professionals who enable best results for you. You can pick from various teeth whitening options from bleaching to zoom whitening through laser. Our dentists are specialised in customising the treatment plan on the basis of your requirement.

Scaling & Polishing

American SurgeCenter brings forth comprehensive and effectual scaling and polishing that will clean the teeth in a thorough manner. You cannot do away with tough stains like that of red wine, cigarettes, tea and coffee just by brushing and flossing. With scaling you can remove the tartar from the teeth. The plaque and food containing germs get trapped in the teeth. Gum disease and tooth decay can be caused by these. Once you opt for scaling and polishing at American SurgeCenter you can feel the difference yourself. You can keep your teeth healthy and clean them at home, prevent gum disease from worsening and keep away bad breath through this type of teeth cleaning.

Gum Treatments

Bleeding gums, receding gums, discoloration of gums or bad breath are all tell-tale signs of gum disease. If left untreated these can take a serious turn. Though gum disease progresses slowly but it should be treated at an early stage. Otherwise, this can even lead to tooth loss. We use the most advanced oral-care technology so that you can get the right and durable solution at the right cost.

A variety of customized options are available here for the perfect treatment.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are designed for covering the damaged teeth like caps. They can be made of metal-porcelain composite, porcelain or metal which is cemented over the natural tooth remains. Dental bridges are designed for replacing the missing teeth and restoring the functionality, beauty and chewing efficiency of the teeth. Dental implants or adjacent teeth usually support these bridges. A removable partial denture can be effectively replaced by these. Our dentist is well experienced in advanced dental care for complexities arising from teeth, gums, jaw structure and supporting bone.

Snap On Smiles

Snap on Smile is the fastest and one of the most advanced cosmetic treatments that can ensure desired aesthetic results within the shortest span. While Hollywood Smile makeover takes a lot of time and is quite expensive, this one is a creative treatment that can offer both temporary and permanent solution. People who have removable partial dentures or who don’t want to opt for dental implants or bridges can also use this. The best part is that you can eat and drink just like you do with natural teeth once you start using this. Here you will get the most quality and efficient Snap on Smile aesthetic treatment to put an end to your yellow or broken teeth owes. The experts here ensure that you achieve the coveted results with 100% safety adherence.

Teeth Restoration

Do you have broken, stained or missing teeth? Then American SurgeCenter is your one-stop destination. Here you will get gold standard teeth restoration mechanisms that will ensure complete comfort and awesome longevity. Implemented by ace and experienced dentist, you can get customised teeth restoration and oral care options starting from braces, crowns and bridges to veneers, Inlays and Invisalign here to suit your needs and budget

Tooth Extraction

When the tooth is damaged, loose, broken or decayed, tooth extraction becomes a necessity. Tooth extraction is also essential to remove deep-rooted wisdom or baby teeth that are infected or impacted. Tooth extraction prevents the infection from spreading to the other parts of the mouth.

We take great care for ensuring the safety and comfort of the patients during and post the procedure of tooth extraction. You will be administered with local anaesthesia for numbing the area so that you remain pain-free. For several teeth, our dentist will utilise the general anaesthesia for sedation while the procedure is ongoing.

Composite Fillings

Dental cavities are also known as dental caries. They are permanently damaged regions in the teeth that develop into tiny holes. Cavities can result in further dental issues leading to tooth loss and root canal treatment if left untreated. If you have cavity or if you have damaged teeth enamel or gum ailment, your teeth can be super sensitive to hot or cold food or beverages and you may also have bad breath. These are tell-tale signs that you should visit the dentist. For treating caries, our dentists will remove the decay, clean the area and then fill the cavity with composite fillings. These are durable, natural-looking and comfortable and will ensure that you face no difficulty in chewing or talking

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatments by laser

Snoring is recurring problem for many, but did you know it can have much more serious implications? It can turn out to be the hallmark sign of a serious condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea that can lead to heart disease, stroke and many more dire consequences. Our experts here recommend a treatment plan that really works for you and addresses your concerns. Conducted with the latest technology, here you can rest assured that you will get maximum safety, efficacy and privacy in case of any treatment that you choose.

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