Dr. Patrick Noel

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Patrick Noel trained in minimally invasive surgery in the early ’90s by Prof Domergue in Montpellier, and has become one of the top laparoscopic surgeons in the South of France. He later founded the bariatric department in a private practice in Aubagne, Marseille (France).

With more than 5000 bariatric surgeries (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, gastric banding) and more than 750 revision procedures, his work has become a cornerstone of bariatric surgery in France.

In December 2012, his experience in the bariatric field was recognized worldwide during the Sleeve Consensus Summit in New York, where he was invited by Professor. Gagner, one of the world’s leading experts in both minimally invasive surgery and weight loss surgery, originator of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and first to perform laparoscopic duodenal switch in 1999, to present the largest experience in revisional surgery from gastric banding to sleeve gastrectomy.

Subsequently, this series was published in Surgical Endoscopy. In fact, his entire list of publications illustrates perfectly his surgical career – the evolution from a young surgeon at the beginning of the laparoscopic era into an international leading figure in bariatric surgery. He continues to prove his interest in new bariatric approaches by developing resleeve gastrectomy or SPIDER surgery.

Thanks to his entire laparoscopic experience, not only in the bariatric domain, Dr. Patrick Noel has been actively involved in different activities of French Surgical Societies. He has been elected as a member of several boards including: The French Society of Endoscopic Surgery (SFCE), SOFFCOMM (French Bariatric Society) and the ICYLS (International Club Of Young Laparoscopic Surgeons). He is also a member of the Scientific Board of the Journal de Coeliochirurgie

Visit his website at www.drpatrickuae.com for more information.


Bariatric Patient Testimonials

Malika’s Story – Never felt healthier

Patrick Testimonials

I underwent a sleeve gastrectomy a year and a half ago. It was performed by Dr. Patrick, for whom the procedure was very quick and easy. The next day, I woke up with no pain nor any discomfort from the surgery. Today, I lost around 50 kg and have never felt healthier. No matter how much I thank him, it will never make up for his kindness and his professionalism.

– Malika


Shama’s Story – Born again the day of her sleeve

Patrick Testimonials

I was born on the 21st of May, 1989 yet my real date of birth was the 7th of November, 2015 when I underwent my sleeve. The key elements to live such an amazing experience consists of a great surgeon that can support you through your weight loss journey – here Dr. Patrick -, the will & motivation to start a new healthy lifestyle in order to reach your target weight, & the support of your loved ones. Luckily I’ve had all of these & two months later I’m happy to announce that I have already lost 20 kg!

– Shama


Mark’s Story – 2 months after a sleeve


Yousef’s Story – How weight loss changes social life