Dr Imad Nakad

CEO & internist
Dr Imad Nakad

Dr Imad Nakad was educated…, trained and has practiced in the USA for over 20 years. Dr. Nakad was at the helm of several projects before forging ahead with new ventures in the United Arab Emirates. Apart from running his own internal medicine in Michigan, Dr. Nakad served as the Medical Director of a 240 bed medical care facility, a home healthcare practice of 3000 home bound patients, a chain of geriatric medical centers as well as offering consultancy services in internal medicine to a 460 bed teaching hospital.

Upon arriving in the UAE, Dr. Nakad was appointed Medical Director of a private one-day-surgery health care facility and after 3 years he moved on to establish the American European Medical Center, where it became one of the leading out-patient medical centers in Abu Dhabi and was awarded “Best Rated Hospital for Medical Quality Services” by Daman for 2009-2010.

Furthermore, under Dr Nakad’s leadership, the center thrust its unmitigated expertise into the field of occupational medicine for the most renowned construction projects underway in Abu Dhabi. He is a member of numerous international societies and local committees representing the Private Sector within the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi.

He also fulfills a practicing and administrative role as the official Medical Advisor to the US Embassy. He also consults with major oil companies such as TAQA and British Petroleum: Universities and local schools; and various other reputable Western companies such as Schlumberger, Masdar. International SOS, etc….