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Our physicians are HAAD licensed and American Board certified as well as distinguished leaders and pioneers in their specialized fields of practice.
Dr Imad Nakad - The American Surgecenter
CEO and internist

Dr. Imad Nakad
Dr Imad Nakad (INTERNIST), CEO & internist was educated, trained and has practiced in the USA for over 20 years. Dr. Nakad was at the helm of several projects before forging ahead with new…

Dr. Nic Isse - The American Surgecenter
Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Nic Isse
Dr Nic Isse (Plastic Surgeon), is an American Board certified Plastic Surgeon since 1981. He is a member of numerous prestigious organizations, such as the American Society for Aesthetic ….

Dr. Kais Abu Taha  - The American Surgecenter
General Practitioner & Diabetes Specialist

Dr. Kais Abu Taha
Dr. Kais Abu Taha has over 40 years of medical experience in both the public and private health sectors, specializing in internal medicine.

Dr. John M. Shamoun  - The American Surgecenter
Plastic Surgeon

Dr. John M. Shamoun
Dr. John M. Shamoun, visiting doctor exclusive to The American Surgecenter is one of America’s most highly educated plastic surgeons, having completed nine years of formal training ….

Dr. Patrick Noel  - The American Surgecenter
Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Patrick Noel
Dr. Patrick Noel – Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon Trained in minimally invasive surgery in the early ’90s by Prof Domergue in Montpellier, Patrick Noel has become one of the most ….

Dr. Iman Eddbali  - The American Surgecenter
Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Department Coordinator

Dr. Iman Eddbali
Dr. Iman is a graduate from Paris Faculty of Medicine and Resident in Surgery, Dr. Iman Eddbali joined the American Surgecenter as the Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Department Coordinator.

Elham Ardalan - The American Surgecenter
Laser Hair Reduction Specialist

Elham Ardalan

Hala Abu Taha  - The American Surgecenter

Hala Abu Taha
Hala Abu Taha ,Dietician Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from Hashemite University, Jordan, Hala then went on to train in post-obesity surgeries…..

Ruby Asis  - The American Surgecenter
Massage Therapist

Ruby Asis

Michèle Nader  - The American Surgecenter
Senior Speech Language Therapist

Michèle Nader
Michèle Nader, Senior Speech Language Therapist Michèle Nader has over 6 years of experience in the field of Speech Language Pathology.

Hassania Tahiri  - The American Surgecenter
Facial & Skin Rejuvenation Specialist

Hassania Tahiri

Facial Rejuenation
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